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July 29, 2008

Violette the Haute Couture Fairy

I've finished the fairy project that I had mentioned working on with my friends from BPCAG (my clay group) in a prior post - you remember, the fairies inspired by Wendy Froud's "Making a Faerie..." DVD?!  

Well, I have to tell you, my fairy took over. She was supposed to be a Moss fairy, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... she had me dressing her in colors I had NOT even entertained using, but some of my favorites ;)  I was thinking browns and greens (forest colors), NOT what she selected. As a matter of fact, I wasn't going to give her much clothing at all, and here she's asked for layers of it :( Heck, she even stole the piece of tulle I used to keep tied in a bow on my sewing basket.  I'm not sure what she's going to do with it, but I must say she seems to know what she's doing. I really like her style.  I believe she's a Haute Couture fairy. Oh Gosh, I still don't know how I kept up with her demands.  I hate to sew, especially with the Fabric Monster! Every time we dance I step on his foot and he punishes me by eating my fabric. I try to avoid him and only sew as a means to an end, but she insisted we dance.  I was so worried she'd request something fancy and I would disappoint her terribly. But she seemed pleased with my work and kept repeating something in French. I understood oui. I know that means yes, but the other words, Je l'aime, I didn't have a clue what that meant. So I asked my friend Janet to translate for me.  She said it means I like it!  I feel a bit more confident about my sewing abilities after seeing how pleased she was with my work.  But I can't help but wonder if there was a little fairy magic involved.   I think I'll invite her to join me for any future waltzes with the Fabric Monster just in case ;)  

I never knew how nice it would be to have a fairy seamstress around... I caught her mending the hem on my curtains the other night :O

Side Note:  
The Fabric Monster is a close cousin to the Sock Monster!  You know, the one that victimizes helpless sock couples that go for a spin in the washer; only to tumble from the dryer single, dazed and confused and with no recollection of the fate of their mate.  I guess both monsters have some sort of fabric fetish.

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Daydreamer :)

la magie de la fée est partout.


  1. She looks terrific Heather! You tried to hide her on me but I found her :D
    I want to see more pictures! pretty please? :)


  2. She is so lovely Heather! Her hands are incredible!! still trying to get mine done:( and Purple definately seems to be her colour.


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