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July 14, 2008

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Bees - Solved!

Yesterday evening (around dusk) I was exploring our grounds with my furry friends (Holly and Cialito).  I know it sounds like we have acres and acres of land - we don't.  But the way we explore; makes it feel like we do.

So we spot a winged creature flying around and follow it to the Plumbago Border. Guess what we find?!  I couldn't hear you, did you guess it?  If you said the missing bees, you are correct!  

You didn't know the bees were missing to begin with you say?  No one told you?!  Well I only heard the news several months ago myself.  While I was in AZ visiting my sister, one of her neighbors came over and told us the most intriguing facts about the missing bees.  I'd read a short and very VAGUE article about it a few months prior to our encounter, so found his volume of knowledge quite impressive.  

Remembering this conversation, I asked the bees if it was true, did they really have Colony Collapse Disorder.  The buzzing was unanimous, they did not.  They just wanted to find the secret Magic Garden they'd heard so much about.  Who told?  How did these creatures find out about our secret Magic Garden?  I realized the culprit had to have been Kiki (my furry friend of the feline persuasion), after I recalled overhearing her whispering to a butterfly a few months back.  Having words with Kiki, I realized I shouldn't be upset.  Besides, do you know how hard it is to be upset with someone that purrs the entire time you stand there shaking your finger at them?  After all they were friendly creatures.  It wasn't like she invited a snake over. Wait a minute!!! :O  We did see a baby snake during our exploration.  KIKI!!!  It slithered under the fence into the neighbors yard.  Hmmm... how appropriate.  

Not fooling me for a second with the statue act, Kiki! ;) 

Okay, so the anger was purred right out of my system and I went back to check on the bees and offer them some Chamomile tea with honey.  We certainly don't want to develop a reputation for not being hospitable to friendly visitors.

By the time I made it back to the Plumbago Border, they were tucking each other in for the night on the Plumbago bush.  The pups and I watched 'em for a bit, while I took pix.  Then we wished them a restful night, filled with sweet, sweet honey dreams and wandered off, wondering if visions of Sugar Plumbago fairies would dance in their heads as they slept :D

Feel the magic,
Daydreamer :)


  1. I'm so happy you found the bees!

    I've been so worried, does that mean I have to stop eating so much hagen daz? ;)


  2. Sprite,

    I spoke with the bees last night, and you'll be happy to know... they told me to tell you that you could eat all the Hagen Daz your little sweet tooth desires :D

    Honey bee hugs,
    Heather :)


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