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October 4, 2008

Jumping from One Daydream to Another

One day, out of the blue, all my comments vanished from beneath my posts. I have a sneaky feeling it was a Gremlin in my computer. After spending a great deal of time trying to fix the problem (checking the html code, cleaning my cache, deleting cookies, updating programs, etc.) and not finding anyone that could tell me what could be wrong, I've decided it's the push I need to move to another blog address I had reserved awhile back with that intention in mind. So if you'd like to visit me, I'll be at http://www.heathersdaydreams.blogspot.com/. I hope you'll follow me there. Oh, and please leave me a comment when you stop by ;D

Follow your dreams,

August 30, 2008

My Wicked Adventure

Worrying over the arrival of the reportedly ferocious sea monster, Fay - we paused at the river’s edge, and found ourselves fascinated with the forming white caps that raced and crashed against the seawall.  The water level was a bit higher than usual, thanks to Rain who had already paid us a visit earlier in the week.  Pelting us with everything he had for a couple of days straight.  Now it was Winds turn to work us over.  The chimes sounded around the neighborhood alerting us of his presence as soon as he'd arrived.  He spent most of the day roughing up the trees, occasionally tossing loose objects around the yard, but a good amount of his energy was devoted to churning the brewing storm.  These unwelcome guests had both visited us many times before (they seem to love FL), but it was the intensity of their brutality and the arrival of their boss lady that had us SO worried.  I guess Fay felt her threat of violence would be taken more seriously if she sent her henchmen ahead to give us a scare.  

We were contemplating our options and wondering what Fay had in store for us, when suddenly we were whisked away.  There was a whirlwind of panic and confusion, lots of noise and blurs of faces and colors whirling past us.  Everything and everyone was distorted at that speed.  

Once the initial chaos was over, we found ourselves comfortably floating through the air. Hmmm... had we been dealt a similar fate to Dorothy Gail?  Were we headed to OZ?  Would we meet the infamous Wizard?  Like Dorothy, we thought it best that we just relax and settle in for the inevitable ride on the air current, who at this point was in charge of where we'd land anyway. So why fight it - right?!  All of the excitement had left us sleepy anyway, so we took naps and later awoke to incredible cloud formations just below us.

At first I thought I was back home gently swaying in the comfort of my lofty hammock, better known as my daydream catcher, and had slipped into yet another daydream. But as the grogginess wore off, I realized that couldn't be the case.  Not only was I viewing the clouds from the opposite side of a typical daydream, but the clouds occasionally parted, allowing me a peek at the land below to once again remind me that we were riding the air.  Besides my dear ole hammock was no where in sight. 


Isn't he just dreamy?!

Will we ever touch ground again, we wondered.  Then finally, hours later, the air released its tight grip and gently placed us on the ground somewhere over the rainbow.  Don't ask me where exactly.  All I know is we were magically transported to a curious land, but unlike Dorothy and her little dog, we hadn't had the horrible luck of squashing a witch in the process.  Oh how I hate to anger a witch's relatives.  BTW, I'm still a little miffed at Dorothy for killing the Wicked Witch of the West, in spite of her claim of it having been an accident.  

Sorry, I get sidetracked easily - back to the story

We followed the crowd through maze after maze and at the end of one of them, a herd of metal beasts appeared, apparently programmed to arrive in synch.  The beast's handler took our luggage and stood ready to feed his pet as soon as its mouth popped open.  A little distraught about the demise of our bags, we hopped in anyway.  Before we had a chance to settle, the beast raced out of the arena.  It reminded me of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disney's Fantasy Land - jerking us around corners and nearly missing objects in its path.  I have to say it was nothing compared to the dangerous yellow beasts we’d ridden in NYC, but they definitely had to be the same species.  Before we knew it; our beast pulled up to a beautiful palace, its handler barely forcing it to a complete stop.  Surprisingly, the wild beast coughed up our bags unharmed - we think.  You could tell this creature had made the trip many times before and was eager to move on; maybe to find tastier luggage than ours to devour.  We entered the lavishly decorated palace and made our way past the other guests. Several sparkling chandeliers hung from the ceiling where we were greeted by a sorceress of sorts.  She was very kind, and even cast a spell on a card, that she explained would open our guest room door as she handed it to my hubby.  I was impressed by her magic, but I must admit I was slightly disappointed she hadn’t handed us a fancy skeleton key instead.  But then I was so close to bubbling over with enthusiastic anticipation that I didn't have time to fret over it.  I inquired about her magic spells education, but took her laughter as my cue to take off.   

The palace was huge and we were allowed to roam freely around it, so while my hubby spoke with the sorceress I wandered off to explore.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, somehow these people managed to bring the sky inside, as well as some shrunken buildings.  Do Munkinlanders live in those miniaturized buildings...  they were certainly just their size. What wizardry, what magic made this possible, I asked myself. Everything sparkled, shimmered, glittered and shined, including the attire worn by the palace guests. 

As I stepped off the cobblestone path I noticed some guests that appeared to be enchanted by strange machines.   Their purring chimes, flashing lights, and tinkling bells seemed to compel the guests to feed the machines' insatiable appetites with paper currency.  Could they be related to Tik-tok?  Could they move about if only someone would take the time to wind them up instead of continue feeding them?  Others were playing games with dice/cards.   I thought I must've died and gone to Heaven.... I was actually witnessing adults playing games and enjoying it.  They had to be under some sort of spell.  The adults I normally run into don't particularly care for "childish games" with the exception of my in-laws (gotta love 'em).  

We followed the cobblestone path that lead to our tower as the sorceress had instructed.  We hadn't thought of it before, but could this be the same path Dorothy had taken?  Had they painted over the yellow-brick road to prevent unwelcome guests from finding the Wizard's palace?   What if we DID get to meet the Wizard?  What gift would we ask him to bestow on us... I believe I'd ask for a healthy helping of  self-confidence.  What would YOU ask for?

We arrived at the designated tower and road the people lifter to the 22nd floor - WAY up there. When we got to our guest room the charmed card opened the door just as the sorceress had promised.  We entered, looked around and couldn’t believe they'd given us such a spacious room - with two windows!  You know what that means?!  Two views of the city!  

So we unpacked, freshened up a bit and off we went to see what treasures we could dig up in this curious place.

We walked through palace after palace in awe of the spectacular decor.  We couldn't get over how blue the skies were, both inside and outside.  There were more miniature buildings, only they were even smaller than the ones we'd seen before - maybe Pixie homes.  After admiring a beautifully designed botanical garden we gave in to our famished tummies and found a place to dine.  The food was so delicious our taste buds sang.  In this enchanted town, we weren't sure if it was another spell, or if our chef was really a magician moonlighting on the side.  It was evident that they had a heavy population of Performers, so I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. Everywhere we turned there was an illusionist, jester, acrobat, juggler, singer or dancer eager to perform.  

Exhausted from our eventful day, we stopped in a sweet little dessert shop tucked away in our palace and ate just enough sugar to give us the energy boost (sugar high) we needed to make it up to our room. 

We awoke the next morning, and realized the clouds were far behind us and our troubles melted like lemon drops up there away above the chimney tops.  What a great way to start our day!  We spent our time exploring each palace, wondering if it were physically possible to see every square inch of every palace.  Curiosity was our main supply of energy.  

Travelocity Gnome, Roaming Gnome, Gnome in Vegas

We ran into one of my hubby's favorite celebrities, the Roaming Gnome.  He was thrilled beyond words to have his picture taken with him and to get his autograph.  The little fellow kept mumbling about losing his hiney at the Blackjack table, so we tossed him a poker chip and wished him better luck in the future as we hurried away. 


After receiving word that Fay had left and the coast was clear, I gave my magic slippers a few clicks and we made it safely back home.  We both agreed there really is no place like home, but it sure is fun to visit new places.  We can hardly wait for our next adventure.

July 29, 2008

Violette the Haute Couture Fairy

I've finished the fairy project that I had mentioned working on with my friends from BPCAG (my clay group) in a prior post - you remember, the fairies inspired by Wendy Froud's "Making a Faerie..." DVD?!  

Well, I have to tell you, my fairy took over. She was supposed to be a Moss fairy, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... she had me dressing her in colors I had NOT even entertained using, but some of my favorites ;)  I was thinking browns and greens (forest colors), NOT what she selected. As a matter of fact, I wasn't going to give her much clothing at all, and here she's asked for layers of it :( Heck, she even stole the piece of tulle I used to keep tied in a bow on my sewing basket.  I'm not sure what she's going to do with it, but I must say she seems to know what she's doing. I really like her style.  I believe she's a Haute Couture fairy. Oh Gosh, I still don't know how I kept up with her demands.  I hate to sew, especially with the Fabric Monster! Every time we dance I step on his foot and he punishes me by eating my fabric. I try to avoid him and only sew as a means to an end, but she insisted we dance.  I was so worried she'd request something fancy and I would disappoint her terribly. But she seemed pleased with my work and kept repeating something in French. I understood oui. I know that means yes, but the other words, Je l'aime, I didn't have a clue what that meant. So I asked my friend Janet to translate for me.  She said it means I like it!  I feel a bit more confident about my sewing abilities after seeing how pleased she was with my work.  But I can't help but wonder if there was a little fairy magic involved.   I think I'll invite her to join me for any future waltzes with the Fabric Monster just in case ;)  

I never knew how nice it would be to have a fairy seamstress around... I caught her mending the hem on my curtains the other night :O

Side Note:  
The Fabric Monster is a close cousin to the Sock Monster!  You know, the one that victimizes helpless sock couples that go for a spin in the washer; only to tumble from the dryer single, dazed and confused and with no recollection of the fate of their mate.  I guess both monsters have some sort of fabric fetish.

Appréciez vos rêveries,
Daydreamer :)

la magie de la fée est partout.

July 14, 2008

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Bees - Solved!

Yesterday evening (around dusk) I was exploring our grounds with my furry friends (Holly and Cialito).  I know it sounds like we have acres and acres of land - we don't.  But the way we explore; makes it feel like we do.

So we spot a winged creature flying around and follow it to the Plumbago Border. Guess what we find?!  I couldn't hear you, did you guess it?  If you said the missing bees, you are correct!  

You didn't know the bees were missing to begin with you say?  No one told you?!  Well I only heard the news several months ago myself.  While I was in AZ visiting my sister, one of her neighbors came over and told us the most intriguing facts about the missing bees.  I'd read a short and very VAGUE article about it a few months prior to our encounter, so found his volume of knowledge quite impressive.  

Remembering this conversation, I asked the bees if it was true, did they really have Colony Collapse Disorder.  The buzzing was unanimous, they did not.  They just wanted to find the secret Magic Garden they'd heard so much about.  Who told?  How did these creatures find out about our secret Magic Garden?  I realized the culprit had to have been Kiki (my furry friend of the feline persuasion), after I recalled overhearing her whispering to a butterfly a few months back.  Having words with Kiki, I realized I shouldn't be upset.  Besides, do you know how hard it is to be upset with someone that purrs the entire time you stand there shaking your finger at them?  After all they were friendly creatures.  It wasn't like she invited a snake over. Wait a minute!!! :O  We did see a baby snake during our exploration.  KIKI!!!  It slithered under the fence into the neighbors yard.  Hmmm... how appropriate.  

Not fooling me for a second with the statue act, Kiki! ;) 

Okay, so the anger was purred right out of my system and I went back to check on the bees and offer them some Chamomile tea with honey.  We certainly don't want to develop a reputation for not being hospitable to friendly visitors.

By the time I made it back to the Plumbago Border, they were tucking each other in for the night on the Plumbago bush.  The pups and I watched 'em for a bit, while I took pix.  Then we wished them a restful night, filled with sweet, sweet honey dreams and wandered off, wondering if visions of Sugar Plumbago fairies would dance in their heads as they slept :D

Feel the magic,
Daydreamer :)

July 7, 2008

Designer Puppy Evening Coats

The fashion world is all abuzz (or should I say aflutter?) with talk about the lovely party coat Miss Cialito arrived in at the Mad Tea Party last Saturday.  Her Personal Assistant has been bombarded with emails and phone calls ever since the Puparazzi captured a few shots of her wearing it.  To attempt to put an end to the many phone calls and emails we're letting you know where to find one of these trendy little numbers.  
The designer is Deb Castonguay, a talented, up and coming designer in the New England area.  Please visit her cyber address for more information on ordering one.  :)

June 30, 2008

Suzi Blu: Welcome To The Tea Party!

Go look at all of the cool pix from the Mad Tea Party ;P

June 29, 2008

The Mad Tea Party was Simply Delicious ;P

Hi everyone!  I know you've been anxiously awaiting photos of the Mad Tea Party.  I'm sure my sly remarks have piqued your curiosity a bit - oh come now, just a little?

What IS this you ask?  Just the beginning of FUN :D  This is the first site our eye's rested upon after sliding down the Rabbit Hole.  YES - you heard me right.  I said sliding... oh, you haven't been down the Rabbit Hole in awhile?!  They've installed a spiral slide.  What's that?  When, you ask? Hmmmmm. Let me see... I believe it was some time between Awhile Back and Awhile Forward, but my memory doesn't seem to do well by me after a visit to Wonderland. Nonetheless, I have much to share with you, so allow me to get on with it.

Any clearer yet?

I should think you'd recognize a party when you see one!  

The guests were quite interesting characters.  I should hope to see them again with the exception of Mr. Humpty Dumpty.  It's a long story, but he had a bit too much to drink, goofed around on the wall in the backyard, and fell.  It was frightening for the children.  I wish I knew a good remedy for yolk removal, but I digress... on with the pix.

This is Miss Holly.  She brought the friends pictured above.  I'm not one to gossip, but I believe she showed up to the party just a bit tipsy.

This is the lovely Miss Cialito Lindo.  She started licking her chops as soon as she saw the cupcakes.

Miss Cialito was a bit picky and was worried about the bunny milk not being fat free, but after one sip all her worries were soon forgotten.

Prepare yourself for this!  This is an actual fairy ring.  Some of the guests invited the fairies to join us for some tea and sweets.  They were SO thrilled (and maybe just a bit high on sugar) that they actually let me snap this photo.  I bet you don't see many of these on a normal day, but then this was a MAD tea party.

Miss Cialito, Miss Holly and I were about to pose for a photo, when Mr. Funny Bunny told us the most hilarious joke ever.  I giggle every time I think about it.

I found Miss Cialito to be quite the talker.  Let me tell you that girl can chat up a storm.  As a matter of fact, we had to go inside a little later because of THAT storm :( 

A Bubble Bee got into our sugar bubbles, but after eating just one he flew off.  

When Miss Cialito got tired of chatting, she took to the lawn to challenge party-goers to a game of croquet.  Everyone being well aware of her reputation (expert croquet player) turned her down.

So she decided to let her frustrations out on the party poopers (as she referred to them) and express herself in her own special way :O

The festivities ended shortly after the storm began, but I must say a positively splendid time was had by all.  

We'd all like to send a special thanks to Miss Vanessa for a delicious party, as well as congratulate her on making the cover of ADQ (Autumn 2008).  


Yours deliciously,
Daydreamer :)

Please don't forget to sign my guest book.  I know it says comments :(  But let's make believe it is a white silk covered book with lavender ribbons and flowers on the cover.  And a sweet little white bunny is offering you a feather quill pen to make your entry. 

June 24, 2008

J. K. Rowling Commencement Speech

Although I've never read a Harry Potter book nor seen a Harry Potter movie, I'm a big admirer of JK Rowling for her true life story.  It inspires the rest of us.  

I recently came across her commencement speech at Harvard University and believe it's an incredibly inspiring speech.  If you haven't heard it yet, you MUST go listen to it now. Don't skip through it either - listen to every word.  Not only does she give wonderful advice, but she does so with humor and a little tear-jerking.  

Use your imagination for good! :D

Daydreamer :)  

May 6, 2008

Full Circle With the Fae

Today I find myself reflecting on my connection with the wee folk. I'm currently working on a very magical project with members from BPCAG (my clay group).  We're all creating our very own fairy figures from polymer clay; based on Wendy Froud's DVD, "Creating a Faery Figure...".    

What's amazing to me is the fact that I was drawn into the "World of Froud" decades ago by her hubby Brian Froud. He inspired my drawing as a teen; and now she is inspiring my sculpting as an adult.  To think after all this time I'm just as fascinated with fairies as I was then, and somehow this family continues to inspire me.     

I'm not sure exactly when, but I would guess my fairy fascination began (around 4 or 5 years of age) with the wonderful tales my grandma (Gaga) told to keep me entertained during long road trips.  I remember one trip in particular from Scottsdale, AZ (our home at the time) to Salt Lake City, Utah.  As we passed a forest along the highway, she told me all about fairy dwellings, attire, transportation, and law.  She told me about the flowers and leaves used to make clothing.  The birds, snails and frogs they rode upon.  The abandoned squirrel's nests they turned into homes. The rules that made it so difficult for a mortal to catch a glimpse of them.  

I asked her so many questions on that trip you'd think she would've regretted ever bringing it up, but she seemed to enjoy answering each and every one.  I believe, although unaware at the time, I may have helped her answer a few of them.

She told me of visits with fairy playmates when she was a little girl and no one else was around. Later when they introduced Barbie dolls (during my mom's generation) she said she thought the inventor must've seen or played with the same creatures she had played with in her youth because the only difference was they were missing wings and woodland attire.   

I recall repeatedly asking her if she was telling the truth.  I REALLY wanted it to be true and had plans to befriend one of these elusive creatures the first chance I had.  

Once we finally arrived in Salt Lake City the mermaid tales began. We spotted signs that read: "Caution:  Mermaid Crossing".  That was my confirmation that fairies were indeed real - I just knew if mermaids existed - fairies had to also.  Besides why would an  adult go to the trouble of putting up a sign that wasn't necessary.  

I'm so delighted to find, as an adult, that there are others in the world that want to keep the magic of the fairy realm alive.  

Fairy wishes,
Daydreamer :)

April 15, 2008

April's Surprise

My entertaining clay group, BPCAG (Beginners Polymer Clay Group), presented me with the "Artist of the Month" award this month. It was a sweet surprise to say the least.

It's so nice to belong to a group of dear friends. I've never met any of them in person, but I hope to some day. They're definitely a talented bunch, as well as; friendly, helpful and absolutely positively FUN to hang around with in cyberspace. I've never "ROFLMBO" more than I have around them.

Forever grateful I found them,
Daydreamer :)

April 10, 2008

You'll Find Me by the Well with My Little Friend

I've been terrible about posting lately, but like most things in life; I believe my blogging is cyclical.  My art is much the same... as
Julie Cameron says in her book/s..."you must take the time to fill the well".  During those periods of time that I appear to be MIA, I'm more than likely filling the well.  I find trips to the realm of Imagination quite refreshing ;) and seem to have much luck filling the well there.   
While filling the well recently, I discovered this unusual creature (photo above). Maybe someone will recognize the heart-shaped, two eyed  being and can tell me something about it.

Daydreamer :)

March 18, 2008

Clay Fandango

I spent ALL day Friday in Leesburg, FL at the Clay Fandango retreat. Upon arrival they gave me a bag full of clay and other goodies :D  I looked around the room and everyone had wet wipes, pasta machines, and clay; lots of clay.  So much in fact they had to carry it in on baggage cart wheelies. Some had some very clever contraptions to carry all of their supplies - these ladies meant business!

I met so many wonderful clayers.  I really believe clayers are a special breed (most, anyway). One of those people was the founder of PolymerCafe Magazine, Joan Clipp who graciously offered to share her clay, tools and supplies with me - sweet huh?!  We sat there laughing and claying most of the day.  Others told me of their adventures at Synergy the NPCG's conference as well as other events. Some of the clayers were sharing techniques and doing demos at our table.

Later that evening, Maureen Carlson was demonstrating her mask molds and all of the whimsical faces that can be created with them. Maria Shriver was demonstrating how she drills holes in the beautiful caned beads she makes. Christi Friesen was demonstrating her dragon making techniques, who by the way, is an absolute joy to be around (when she's not bumping into you or cutting you off - JK - I've forgiven her). She has a wonderful playful attitude that makes learning fun. They had a make/take booth set up for metal clay, which is pretty neat stuff, but I don't trust myself with the blowtorch.  I think the embossing gun and wood burning iron are about as risky as I should get with heat - LOL.  

Ilysa Bierer from PCP was there video taping the event and interviewing artsists.  She has a wonderful site for clay artists that can only get better with her big plans. She's also the founder of the Etsy clay group PCAGOE. As if that weren't enough, she also has a website to teach/learn all sorts of crafts live via the webcam.

While I waited for my clay piece to bake in the oven, I watched the brown bag swap and the flamingo fashion show. You should've seen the wonderful prizes given out... there were fairy sculptures, clay jewelry, those adorable beaded puff heart necklaces, and many other spectacular works of art in the brown bag swap.  As for the flamingo fashion show there were some very clever costumes and some hilarious dance moves (see photo above).

Needless to say, I hope I can make it to next years event for some more FUN!!!

February 14, 2008

Playing with the Queen of Hearts on Valentine's Day

I started another piece over the weekend... as if I don't have enough projects to finish (poor Alice is still waiting). The ideas just come in faster than the time to work on them.  If I don't pounce when the idea comes in; I lose the desire to play with it. My hubby calls it "the blessing that's a curse".  Anyway, I ended up working on the queen's figure today (between appointments) and thought how appropriate to be playing with the Queen of Hearts on Valentine's; of all days. Unfortunately, I feel like I'm coming down with something (my throat is soar).  So I'm not sure when I can get back to her, but watch for her royal coronation sometime soon - you're ALL invited!
Here's a sneak peek at the start of my "Queen of Hearts - Before She Met Alice" piece. This is the base she'll be displayed on; along with some other surprises :D.    

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lots of love,
Daydreamer :)

February 5, 2008

My First Creation with Studio Clay

Woo hoo!!!  Okay, I confess, it doesn't take much to get me excited :D  After impatiently waiting for months, I finally got my hands on some Studio by Sculpey clay and a couple of their new tools. I tried it out by adding some decorative elements to my hubby's wine journal.  I LOVE the 5-in-1 tool! The interchangeable tool heads that fit into the handle are magnetic, and they replace some of the make-shift tools I've BEEN using.  I can see this inspiring a wider selection of tools in the clay world (it's about time).  The clay is perforated into cubes about the size of bubble gum pieces, so it's easy to tear a small amount from the block.  It's soft, comes in some nice colors, bakes at 275 degrees (F) for 30 minutes, and it takes paint nicely.  I don't like the fact that it retains fingerprint impressions so easily, but you CAN smooth them away when you are finished working on the piece.  The final test will be to see how durable it actually is over time - more waiting - GEEZ!

Daydreamer :)

January 22, 2008

Serendipity The Seraph Surrender Serpent :P


 first got a peek at Serendipity (one of my muses) while in a daydream one day a couple of years back.  His image was a bit fuzzy at the time, but he later showed up on a piece of paper.  Now; finally, he's slowly but surely revealing his 3-D form to me in my studio.  His-s (oops - Freudian slip) wings are flying around up there as I type.  I can't wait to introduce you to him, but in the "nice" (not mean) time let me tell you a little about him.
  1. He doesn't take life seriously.
  2. He makes the most of mistakes and finds them perfectly acceptable.
  3. He thinks everything works out for the best.
  4. He encourages creative experimentation and exploration.
  5. He helps time fly when you're creating (or having fun).
  6. He has a fraternal twin brother named Simon (more about him at another time).
  7. He adores his sidekick, Fortunato (the Italian white mouse riding in the gondola on his tail) - I know what you're thinking, but don't you worry - he would NEVER eat Fortunato (Lucky) because he knows if it weren't for him, luck wouldn't follow him wherever he goes.
As soon as he's finished revealing himself to me - get your mind out of the gutter :( - I'll post a photo.

Daydreamer :)

January 15, 2008

Desert Daydream (Cont.)


.. as promised here is another photo of Darius.

January 8, 2008

Desert Daydream

Here's a fun little guy that escaped from my imagination while taking an online papier mache class with Marlaine Verhelst.  His name is Darius (approx. 17" x 20").  I had made him a furled magic carpet to lay across his golden sand base (it'll be on wheels), but I didn't like it, so I need to decide whether I want to make another one, or forget the idea all together.  I'll post more pix soon.

Take care,
Daydreamer :) 

January 1, 2008

Fresh Start for a New Year

The slate's been wiped clean as we start a new year.  We know it's just a man-made measurement of time, but there's something inspiring about fresh starts.  It's like staring at a blank sheet of paper, canvas, or lump of clay... inviting, yet intimidating... the excitement of possibilities and the fear of failure coexist in our minds.  How is it two completely opposite thoughts can dwell in the same space?  Maybe it's what keeps us balanced and we mustn't allow that fear to block us from creating... and we must remember it's never too late for a fresh start.

Here's to finding balance in our creative endeavors - CHEERS!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! :D  

Daydreamer :)

October 18, 2007

Creativity Sparks

I'm so excited I must share this with someone... a few years ago I read a book, "Nine Modern Day Muses and a Bodyguard" by Jill Badonsky.  I found her website and subscribed to her newsletter. Recently, I was feeling as though my creative life was going no where, so I signed up for one of her free teleconferences and won free creativity coaching sessions with Karen Cowles - I was shocked, as well as a bit skeptical, when I won.  But now I am SO glad I signed up for that call. Karen has a special gift for motivating creative types. She suggested I make something "small and quick that you get to a point that you like, though it may feel unfinished, and then set it aside." I had to bring it to our call the following week. I ended up making a "creativity spark". I had no idea what they looked like before this one appeared from my clay. BIG ((hug)) and HUGE thanks to Karen! :D I feel so inspired.

Sharing sparks, 
Daydreamer :)

August 19, 2007

Developing New Skills

I started an online  papier mache class with Marlaine Verhelst last week. After selecting an animal and doing some research, we will begin to carve its armature out of styrofoam. I've chosen to create a camel. I've never made one before, nor have I used styrofoam for an armature. I'm envisioning a huge mess, but lots of FUN! I'll post pictures as I progress.

Having too much fun,
Daydreamer :)

June 30, 2007

New Beginnings

Okay, here goes. 

I'm going to start using this page to share my life with others... mainly my progress as an artist. Especially my clay buds at BPCAG. I'll be adding updates on works in progress (WIPS), frustrations, rants, raves, etc., maybe I'll even add some tutorials (TUTS) of projects I conquer - lol. My muses have been on hiatus for far too long - I must put them to work.

I hope it benefits someone in some way (self included).

Happy thoughts,
Daydreamer :D